Sunday, 5 September 2010

Book Review - Fablehaven Series

Author : Brandon Mull 

Series : Fablehaven #1 ~ #5 
(All published and finished)
My Rating : ★★★★★

One of my favorite series ever ! 
It was first recommended to me by my best friend, since we read all the same books, 
I knew I would love this book even before reading them.

This book was a first fantasy book I read that didn't involve a lot of romance. 
It truly felt like reading a "fantasy" book for children. 
The world the author created was something I would so love to live in, 
so many interesting characters and somehow believable.
The dynamics between Kendra and Seth (brother and sister) is very much
like in real life. (although I have no brothers and sisters)
I loved that adults were highly involved in this world, 
after all, I've grown to be one of them and it is more interesting 
to read a book that lets you still believe in something surreal. 

As the book progressed it did get very intense and less fantasy-ish.
It became more responsable and serious which is not bad but felt like 
the book was growing just as the readers of these books.

Nevertheless, I loved this series, especially the first three,
and I'll probably read them again when I feel like I'm getting too old =) 
Can't wait for the author's new series !

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