Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Movie Review - Last Airbender

Director : M. Night Shayamalan
Release Date : July, 2010 (USA)
Cast :
Noah Ringer as Aang
Dev Patel as Prince Zuko
Nicola Peltz as Katara
Jackson Rathbone as Sokka
Aasif Mandvi as Commander Zhao
Runtime : 103 mins
My Rating : 5/10

Plot : The world is divided into four kingdoms, each represented by the element they harness, and peace has lasted throughout the realms of Water, Air, Earth, and Fire under the supervision of the Avatar, a link to the spirit world and the only being capable of mastering the use of all four elements. When Aang disappears, the Fire Nation launches an attack to eradicate all members of the Air Nomads to prevent interference in their future plans for world domination. 100 years pass and current Fire Lord Ozai continues to conquer and imprison anyone with elemental "bending" abilities in the Earth adn Water Kingdoms, while siblings Katara and Sokka from Southern Water Tribe find a mysterious boy trapped beneath the ice outside their village. Upon rescuing him, he reveals himself to be Aang, Avatar and last of the Air Nomads. Swearing to protect the Avatar, Katara and Sokka journey with him to the Northern Water Kingdom in his quest to master "Water bending" and eventually fulfill his destiny of once again restoring peace to the world. But as they inch nearer to their goal, the group must evade Prince Zuko, the exiled son of Lord Ozai, Commander Zhao, the fire Nation's military leader, and the tyrannical onslaught of the evil Fire Lord himself. (written by The Massie Twins)

My Thoughts : I had high hopes for this movie, unfortunately I was hugely let down.
I don't' know, maybe it's because it was based on an animation rather than a book? This story was so light and unstructural, even the special effects were not that impressive. Actors were okay but I guess it's hard to want much from such young people. I did like the main character's "dancing". That was pretty awesome. 

I've heard that the animation version of this is actually very good, well considering how it has plenty of episodes it must be easier to be more specific and structural.
I'm glad I didn't watch this moviein 3D, although it isn't much I would've regreted it. But really, I don't know if I'm gonna watch the next movie when it comes out. Or is there going to be one since it has received such disappointing reviews?


Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Re: Last Air Bender. My son and his girlfriend are fans of the anime and were greatly disappointed in the movie. They said Hollywood ruined it again.

Kathryn said...

ah, Hollywood...I wonder if they're still planning on making the second movie !

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