Sunday, 22 August 2010

Book Review - Study Series


Author : Maria V. Snyde

Series : Study #1 ~ #3
(all published and finished)
My Rating : ★★★☆☆

My opinion of the first book 'Poison Study' is more than positive. I was so excited to have found another series that I can totally list as my favorite. I have been reading vampire "chick-lit" for about 6 months at this point and I was calling quits. (at least for a while

I was so fascinated by our heroine who was guilty of a murder and condemmed to be hanged but offered a second chance of life as a 'poison taster' for the king. There was always a mystery to why she's done it in the first place and the author had the skill to bring readers to a 'can't stop till you're done' kind of state.

Second book was not too bad either. Taking the scene into a totally different situation was a little disappointing but the writing and the plot was very well sorted out. 

The third book however, was the biggest blow! 
I have not been that angry reading an ending of a book since 'Breaking Dawn'.

This book is filled with blood and betrayal, not in a good way!
I felt really dirty reading it. I personally think it's safe to say that it contains at least 1/4 of repeating and reminiscing of the last two books! It appears in almost every chapter!!
After a while, I was like OMG! STOP DOING THAT!, and skipped a few lines or paragraphs (even) to stop myself from screaming with fraustration!
Scheming was not well organized, it was events after events backfiring and was not even close to a goosebump on my arms. Yelena never ceased to be dull and incoherent. Valek, I do NOT know what his role is here and all the others as a matter of fact. Introducing Opal just made me wonder if this was intentional to make an appearence for people to read the spin-off series? (tactical but was not subtle enough) 

I was begging myself to stop reading it but at the same time urging to finish it so that I could put it at the very back of my head, lock it, and throw the key somewhere even deeper. 

It's tearing me apart, as much as I loved the first and the second book, the third one was a complete disaster. I advise you, if you felt the same way about the first two  books, PLEASE, DO NOT READ THE THIRD BOOK ! You're only setting yourself up for a disappointment. =(

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