Thursday, 29 July 2010

Thoughts - Chicken or the Egg??

There is always a first.
At least that is what I thought.

First to think, first to notice ,first to creat, etc.
But what's up with this question? Chicken or the egg??
Not along ago, infact two weeks ago scientists have discoverd the answer to this age old question.

Although they say it's the chicken that came first, I am not convinced.
I mean I understand the science aspect of how the eggs can only be created inside of the chicken but where did the first chicken that laid the first egg came from???
I'm sorry, maybe I'm just stupid but I still think it's a question that goes round and round.

Ultimately, (this is how my brain works) it got me to think of good and evil.
Which came first? Does evil exist because there is good in this world? or is it the other way around? Would one vanish without the other?

I think they created each other.
People are jealous, scared, possesive and many other things.
But we are also caring, loving, inspiring and so much more.
They co-exist in this world effortlessly, it seems.
I've lost track of thoughts, but all this to say that these questions will not soon be answered.

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