Monday, 1 November 2010

Book Review - Queen in Exile

Author : Donna Hatch

Paperback : 373 pages
ISBN : 1935217631
(ISBN 13 : 9781935217633)
My Rating : ★★★★★

Book Description : Rumor of war hung over princess Jeniah's peaceful country of Arden. A land that shuns both magic and warfare. Following a lifelong dream, Jeniah forms a telepathic bond with a revered creature called a chayium, who is prophesied to save her kingdom. But when a Darborian knight comes upon Jeniah with her chayium, he sees only a vicious monster about to devour a maiden, and he slays the beast.

Devastated by the lose of her chayium, and fearing her own magic is evil, Jeniah doubts her destiny. When an enemy evades Arden City, they slaughter the people, storm the castle, and execute the entire royal family except the princess. Rescued by the knight who slew her chayium, Jeniah is now heir to the throne of Arden and the only hope of freeing her people from tyranny.

On the run and hunted by enemy soldiers, Jeniah must place her life and fate of her kingdom in the hands of this trained killer. Torn between embracing her destiny as a queen in Arden, and her love for a mere knight, she must ultimately rely on her magic to save her people from death and tyranny.

My Thoughts : Beautiful cover, beautifully written book.
I don't know what it is but this book felt good in my hands.
The first chapter was by far one of the best few pages I've read in some time !
It caught me whole and seized me till I finished the book.

I feel like it's safe to say that this book is mostly about second chance, and believing within yourself that you hold that chance on your own whenever you need it.
Which is why it's unlike most love stories you read on books these days.

It's about different kind of love.
Trusting someone with your whole heart and not really wanting to receive something in return but just wait with patience.
Knowing when to let go and move on with your life does not mean you are cruel or cold hearted, it's just another way to live and cope with your own life.
If you want  something deep and bad, even the universe will line up just for you.
And mostly "a new beginning."

This book is not especially descriptive or violent or excruciatingly heart-breaking but it was  so, so, so, beautiful

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