Thursday, 21 October 2010

My Top 7 - Fictional Love Triangle

Life is full of "triangles."
But there is nothing more than a love triangle that attracts my attention.
There is something sinful and amusing about it.
And I'm always curious about who is going to "win."
Here are my top 7 most memorable and complicated love triangle list. Enjoy ! ^^

1. Mrs. Robinson / Elaine Robinson / Ben Braddock from The Graduate

I first saw this movie when I was in high school with my dad.
Apparently he thought I might enjoy it.
But to this day, it's kinda unnerving...
I mean how is it possible for a woman to run away with a man who slept with her mother?
Albeit she might be in love but COME ON ! how can you live with that?
This movie, for me became what first comes to mind when thinking of love triangle.
And a quite disgusting one at that.

2. Rafe / Danny / Nurse Evelyn from Pearl Harbor

One of the saddest love triangle ever !
I was really upset how nurse Evelyn found her next love in the comfort her former boyfriend's best friend ! Well, I guess it happens more often than we think.
But it was tragic with the death and the baby and all...
Most importantly, I was so moved by the friendship of Rafe and Danny.

3. Julianne / Kimberly(Kim) / Michael from My Best Friend's Wedding

This is something that happened to me.
Not to the extreme of breaking a marriage but it relates to the "if I can't have it you can't either" or "is it just me, or has he gotten hotter now that we're broken up?" thoughts.
Julianne's actions were so desperate it kinda was sad.
I think I'd also feel betrayed when my best friend who claimed to love me since I can remember, suddenly introduced me to the woman he was going to marry.
Ahhhhh, the drama.

4. Kathryn / Annette / Sebastian from Cruel Intentions

I enjoyed this movie so much !
And I actually was cheering for Kathryn / Sebastian couple.
They were both twisted and mean, I thought they deserved each other.
I also secretly hoped that they were in "love," and not just screwing around.
Of course, that wouldn't have been a love triangle now would it !

5. Stefan / Damon / Elena from Vampire Diaries

There so many awesome pictures to choose from !!!

I've read the first book of Vampire Diaries and gave up on it.
It was a terrible book. To be honest, I can't even remember what it was that made me stop. But I know it was just weird.
But the TV show is a different matter.
I would drool all day just looking at these pictures.
This is somehow more tempting because it's between two brothers !!
I don't know about you, but I would't hold it against Elena if she chose to love both. *sigh*

6. Mark / Daniel / Bridget from Bridget Jones's Diary

This is my favorite holiday movie, along with "Love Actually" and "The Holiday."

I mean, I still feel giddy whenever I think about Mark Darcy.
There was no question that Bridget had to choose Mark over Daniel but like most insecure women, Bridget makes herself look ridiculous in front the man she loves.
But in the most sweetest ways. ^^
Besides, don't they look cute together? they actually look.... normal !

7. Ally / Billy / Georgia from Ally McBeal

This is yet another love triangle that I find absolutely disturbing.

The fact that Billy was still in love with Ally while married to Georgia.
He dies of a sudden heart attack in the middle of the series.
Ally being the last person he talks to, and he whispers that he loves her.
What is that? What about his wife?
You'll have to see the series to understand but I thought it was... weird.
Nonetheless one of my favorite series ever !!!

Extra Thoughts
I know that a lot of people would first think of Edward / Jacob / Bella.
I personally didn't think there were any wiggle room for Jacob to come between Edward and Bella. And I hated the thought of Jacob imprinting on Edward and Bella's daughter.
So, to avoid obvious, I have decided to exclude them. ^^

What is your favorite love triangle? 

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