Saturday, 16 October 2010

Friday's Breathtaking Covers #1 - So Shelly

This is a weekly meme I came up with a few days ago. 
I know I already have something similar, "cover critique"
where I compare US/UK and Paperback/Hardback covers. 

But this is basically different. 

a) Choose a book that immediately caught your eyes, 
whether if it's because it's beautiful, scary or plain ridiculous. 
b) Write about what the story could be just by looking at it's cover.
c) Check out the book, and tell us if you're going to actually read it.

I  chose this book because it is the one which made me think of this meme. 
I couldn't stop myself from staring at this cover. 
It looked a little like a horror genre yet so beautiful
I had to find out what the story was about !

She looks so vulnerable on the edge of the world, 
the water is not making a sound and it looks so dark and lonely. 

I checked out the story on "Goodreads" and it fits the cover perfectly. 
I'm so going to read this soon. 
What about you? 

Check out So Shelly on Goodreads 

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