Saturday, 2 October 2010

Cover Critique - New Twilight Series Cover !

Ahhh, the series that started this all.
I bought the boxed set, frankly I don't see the difference between these 
and buying hardcover editions separately.
It only had large poster of sort of the 4 cover arts. 

These are the Mass Market Paperback. 
There are some other versions but I like these the best.
Personally, I don't look twice at book covers with movie posters.
I don't know, it's not exciting enough. 

And today, when I was browsing through "The Book Depository"
I stumbled on to this !!! 

How cool is this ?
Apparently, these will be published this month!! 
Specifically the 14th Octobre 2010
The only difference is the colour and I don't think 
it is wise to spend money on something like that. 
But, damn! I want my hand on those !! 


Julie P said...

Those are very cool looking! I don't collect books, but if I did I would definitely grab those up.....

The Phantom Paragrapher said...

I didnt at the time decide to purchase the Twilight Saga though I have read them all twice plus times lol. But I saw the White Covers and have pre-ordered them as only going to come to roughly $90 from Mighty Ape in NZ as I have to own them as the covers are utterly amazing. Its astonshining how much difference black and white make.

Kate Evangelista said...

They are white now? Gosh!

Kathryn said...

@Phantom Paragrapher - I know! it amazed me too to think that the only difference is that they changed the cover from black to white ! I'm so jealous. If I didn't own the hardcover I also wouldn't think twice about purchasing these new editions.... *sigh*

And I know, sometimes I wonder "what else will they do next to make more money", you know? But, gosh Kate!
don't they look cool? LOL

Nat said...

I agree---these are uber-tempting! I love the white and red. I already have two boxed sets (a keeper and a loaner copy) so I better resist....

And I agree that the movie covers of books are usually blah.

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