Wednesday, 15 September 2010

My Top 7 - Vampires

I have decided to list and write about my favorite things once a month.
My first list of favorite things; Vampires.

There is no doubt that "Vampires" are in right now.
Seriously, they are everywhere.
From your books, movies, everyday TV series to your t-shirts and mug cups!
Once something is in trend, of course people tend to follow it but somehow
this phenomenon seems more intense than usual.
Here are my list of favorite/incredibly hot "Vampires".

1, Brad Pitt as Louis in Interview with a Vampire

Until now, he is my number 1. Vampire of all time!
He looked vulnerable, scared and sexy.
I mean, look at the first picture, even with blood all over his mouth,
he still managed to look sexy! how crazy is that?

2, David Boreanaz as Angle in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I love this series, who doesn't?
With Buffy giving all the bad vampires and demons an ass-whooping like a real pro !
But we (girls) all know that we had another reason to love this series.
And I think it was because of Angle. *deep sigh*.... Angel.
He was so great and popular that he had his own spin off series after this !
Although his face did get really ugly when turned into a vampire.
I guess being a vampire has beautified a lot since then.

3,  Kate Bekinsale as Selene in UnderworldⅠandⅡ

You don't see a lot of female Vampire main-focus characters in Movies,
actually Selene was the only one I could think of. 
She is lean, fast, deadly and incredibly hot ! 
I didn't know who she was back then but now she is engraved as one of the most 
amazing Vampires ever ! 

4, Alexander Skarsgard as Eric in True Blood (TV series)

I am SO team Eric.
Yes, Bill is sweet and charming but Eric?! he is to me what a Vampire should be. 
I mean COME ON ! he looks good even in short hair cut ! lol 
BTW is everyone enjoying the third season of True Blood?    

5, Robert Pattinson as Edward in Twilight Saga

To me, Edward is like a wonderful boyfriend but not really a Vampire.
You don't have to be a Vampire to be a wonderful boyfriend, you know?
But I do believe that he portraits Edward's character perfectly.
I don't know, sometimes I forget that this is suppose to be a Vampire movie.
But hey, I cannot afford to miss this beautiful face. ^^

6, Wesley Snipes as Blade in BladeⅠ,Ⅱ, and Ⅲ 

It didn't occur to me until watching this movie, that not all Vampires has to be
pale and white. This was quite a nice change in perspective.
All three movies were full of action, high-tech machines and twisted plots,
I also couldn't get enough of the fact that Blade used swords ! it was pretty awesome !

7, Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore in Vampire Diaries

Vampires are suppose to be a bad-boy, a play-boy and dangerous.
At least that's how I pictured it in my head and I think Damon is all that.
The book Vampire Diaries was just ... how do you say this in a nice way... awful.
I stopped in the middle and never looked back.
But once I found out that they were making a TV series out of it,
I thought I'd give it a shot. I mean the Salvatore brothers were both gorgeous !

And there you have it, my 7 favorite Vampires.
There are a few others I like but 10 seem to be too much to call it "favorites".
What are yours? I'd really like to know *^^*


Mary Grace said...

Ohh likey. :) My favorite vampires would be Kate Bekinsale, Kirsten Dunst, and Antonio Banderas. :)

Kate Evangelista said...

You named three of my favorite vampires. And doesn't Brad Pitt make the best vampire. I swear, he makes me...

Mandy Southgate said...

Nice list! I agree with most of them on a film or TV level but did not enjoy the book Interview With A Vampire (I had a moment where I realised I'd rather stand on a crowded train and read nothing than carry on with the book - eek!)

I liked Gary Oldman in Dracula.

I look forward to these lists every month!

Kathryn said...

@ GREYZ - Antonio Banderas played a Vampire?
I'd like to know what that movie is!! lol

@ Kate - I'm with ya.

@ Emm - I didn't even know that Interview with a vampire was based on a book !
and yes ! I liked him too ! did you know that Gerard Butler played Dracula too?

Mandy Southgate said...

Yes, it is based on an Anne Rice book of the same name and it is the first book in a massive series. I didn't know about Gerard Butler but I am also still trying to decide whetehr old Gerard can actually act.

Denise Covey said...

Hmm, I'm not a lover of vampires, books or movies, but am currently going against that and reading the Twilight series. As you say, Edward is much like just an ordinary boyfriend, except for the marble body, mind reading, changing eyes, age...all entertaining and isn't that what fiction is all about?

Good post..:)

Kathryn said...

It's been a while since I've seen Interview with a Vampire so I was shocked and embarrassed when a friend told me that Antonio Banderas was in that movie

@ Emm - Have you seen "The Ugly Truth"?
I thought he convincingly played a jacka** in that movie lol

@ L'Aussie - I know what you mean, I'm also trying to read as less of those genre as possible but sometimes it's just so good ! *^^* and Edward is definitely not my prince charming, but Robert Pattinson might be! haha

brandileigh2003 said...

Yummy Edward would make it on mine. While Damon is hot, I think that for me it will always have to be Stephan

Violet said...

Oo...lots of fun vampires on your list! I love Angel, but I am more of a Spike girl myself. :)

Violet @ The Eager Readers

Elizabeth Briggs said...

Great picks! Selene is one of my favorites too. We need more bad ass vampire girls. Seems like the guys have all the fun.

Kathryn said...

@brandileigh2003 - at first I was a Stephan fan, but somewhere in the middle, I just turned my back and never looked back.

@Violet - I know... I was hoping that he would have a happy ending with Buffy at the end... *sigh*

@Elizabeth Briggs - My thoughts exactly !

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