Friday, 23 July 2010

Movie Review - Street Dance 3D

My friend suggested we go watch this movie, since dancing movies makes her feel really vibrant and young. I couldn't disagree with her so I went.

Since the 3D movie has been so out and about I have watched many in this edition. 'Avatar' and all those Disney Animations. But it was the first one that wasn't a fantasy and I was very excited.

I must say that I didn't think it was much original from all the previous dancing movies such as 'Step Up','Center Stage' and 'Save The Last Dance For Me' etc.
But with 3D glasses, it is like watching them dance right infront of you! and it is awesome!
Truth be told, the actors weren't convincing, had strong accents and not all of them seem to dance for real and the coriography was terrible. (not that I know much about it)

There seem to be another movie coming up in 3D which is 'Step Up 3'.
And I might just go watch it again. =D

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